801 50th Ave S, Moorhead, MN
801 50th Ave S, Moorhead, MN

More Than A Music Venue

Experience live music like never before at the beautiful Bluestem Amphitheater.

More than just a music venue, Bluestem is a quintessential Fargo-Moorhead experience where some of the best memories are made. Each summer, thousands of music fans gather from near and far to take in the variety the acts booked at the amphitheater. There truly is something for everyone.

Nestled along the Red River of the North in Moorhead, MN, Bluestem Amphitheater features an outdoor stage with seating for 3,000. The venue makes up just one element of Bluestem Center for the Arts, a first-class arts facility that also offers a unique indoor educational center, which serves as a performance venue available for rent. The Center’s beautiful grounds are made up of picturesque river views, grassy meadows, woods, and wildlife.

Bluestem Center for the Arts is the home of Trollwood Performing Arts School, a testament to our region’s unfaltering commitment to the arts. Opening its doors in 2009, the Center was built with the generous support of the entire Fargo-Moorhead community.

The venue represents an exciting collaboration between Fargo Public Schools and the City of Moorhead. It is programmed and managed by Trollwood Performing Arts School, a program of Fargo Public Schools, who leases the facility from the City of Moorhead.

Bluestem Center for the Arts hosts many programs that inspire a love for the arts in community members of all ages. The facility is used for school arts curriculum and activities, public performances, exhibitions, community festivals, corporate retreats, conferences, and other private rental opportunities. Since opening, thousands of patrons have enjoyed a broad range of programming including theatre, arts educational opportunities, concerts, dance, music, and special events.

A Dedication To The Arts

Jade Presents and The Arts Partnership are excited to continue the Jade Presents Arts Partnership Grants program.

This summer, a portion of every ticket sold to the 2018 Bluestem Summer Concert Series will be collected to uphold the grant’s mission of keeping local music supported in the region.

Grants will be awarded to local artists to fund studio time, touring and recording expenses, sound equipment, rental costs, and more to encourage them to follow their dreams and keep the arts alive. Cass and Clay resident musicians are encouraged to apply later this summer through The Arts Partnership.

2018 grant awardees:

  • Tiana Grisé – $2,000 toward the commission of an original work for solo flute.
  • David Holweger – $2,500 toward production costs for a full-length studio album.
  • Jake Ingamar – $2,500 toward costs associated with recording several original songs in the studio.
  • The Human Element – $2,500 toward recording and marketing a second full-length album.
  • The Knotties –$2,400 toward costs associated with mastering a full-length album.
  • Kwaician Traylor – $2,200 toward costs associated with creating a studio space, for his own work and as a resource to other musicians.

2017 grant awardees:

  • Stephanie Carlson, oboist, $2,000 to record an album of music by British composer Ruth Gipps, primarily of works that have never been recorded.
  • Brian Carmona, indie/dream pop musician, $1,500 to create a full-length album accompanied by an intimate live experience.
  • Lacey Guck, singer/songwriter, $2,500 to record and distribute her first full-length studio LP of original music.
  • Max Johnk, bassist/composer, $1,800 to record a full-length studio album of jazz music by the Max Johnk Quartet.

2016 grant awardees:

  • Stephanie Carlson, $900 toward a recital of oboe music by women composers.
  • Sonja Harasim, $1,250 to commission, rehearse and perform a new piece for violin and piano.
  • Ryan Hardy, $400 for private theatre organ lessons with a top professional theatre organist.
  • Debora Harris, $1,500 for a solo flute concert highlighting women composers and ethnic cultures.
  • Ska Skank Redemption, $1,000 to record five songs.
  • Varying Degrees Trio, $1,346 for a series of regional concert performances for the percussion trio.

2015 grant awardees:

  • Jillian LaDage
  • O’fosho
  • Bunyan Land Beach Band

Working With Nonprofits

Fargo Lions Club (Bluestem Parking Attendants)

The mission of the Fargo Lions is to empower volunteers to serve the community to meet humanitarian needs. The Fargo Lions Club is North Dakota’s first Lions Club. It meets on Mondays at Noon at the Radisson Hotel located in downtown Fargo.

The Fargo Lions raises over $20,000 annually to provide local individuals and community organizations with financial assistance. Recipients include, Hjemkost Center, Anne Carlson Center, RRV Hospice, HERO, Great Plains Service Dogs, individual sight assistance requests and much more.

Click here to visit the Lions Club website

CHI Friendship (Bluestem Ushers)

Friendship, Inc. is a private non-profit organization serving people with intellectual and other disabilities. We provide individualized comprehensive supports to allow for full community participation and inclusion.

Providing support and services to people with disabilities in Fargo, Grafton, Park River, Grand Forks and Cavalier, North Dakota

Click here to visit the CHI Friendship website